PPar Poster Printing

Poster Printing Procedure

There are 3 general funding options for poster printing;

  1. PPar-Funded

  2. IGS-Funded

  3. Your materials budget

See below for the breakdown of each and how to go about placing the order and paying/getting reimbursed.


1. PPar-Funded Posters

If you are required to print a poster for a CDT PPar event, the CDT will cover the cost, if you print the poster using the University's uCreate facilities (either the main library or King's Buildings).

There are instructions for printing posters on page 27 of the uCreate User Guide (download here).

Please note:

  • The CDT will only reimburse your printing cost if you print via uCreate and choose 'A0, Plain' as the paper type. This will cost £8.00. 
  • uCreate printing can only be paid for through your print and copy account, so you must have enough credit in your account before using the UCreate service. Please see the instructions on adding credit to your account.  

Instructions for Reimbursement:

1. After printing your poster, login to MyEd, then go to Accounts > Print Credit

2. Your printing history and payment history should be displayed. PDF this page (or, if your printing history spans more than one page, PDF the page showing the date and cost of your most recent poster printing)

3. Email the PDF to Vicky Kennedy at vicky.kennedy @ ed.ac.uk (and copy the CDT PPar Administrator), with a note explaining that the poster was required for a CDT PPar event

4. As this purchase is under £10, you will be reimbursed through petty cash. To do so, please visit Vicky Kennedy (IF-4.34), the PPar Book-keeper,  during her office hours: Monday 9:15-16:00, Wednesday 9:15-13.45, Thursday 9:15-16:30

If you added more than £8.00 to your print account, the balance will remain on your account, and you will be able to use it for printing posters in the future. If you have a balance on your account on graduation, you can be reimbursed by going to the Helpdesk at the Main Library.


Options for printing posters which are not required by the CDT PPar, (i.e. for a conference,  a workshops):
2. IGS - Funded

You can request funding for one poster per year from the Informatics Graduate School. Once approved you can arrange printing through KB Copy Centre (note: the KB Copy Centre is not the same as the self-service facilities provided by uCreate, which is also located at King's Buildings).

Full details are available here: IGS Poster Printing


3. Materials Budget

Any additional posters must be paid for out of your individual Materials budget. You must still request approval before printing, by emailing ppar-cdt @ inf.ed.ac.uk, and including the details requested in the above IGS Poster Printing link. You can choose to print these posters either through uCreate's library facilities or KB Copy Centre.

Keep in mind:

  • Self-service (uCreate facilities) are cheaper than KB Copy Centre's, as you can select plain paper, and also because you are not assisted at the uCreate facilities. The cheapest option through KB Copy Centre is £18 (versus uCreate's £8 per poster). 
  • Cardboard poster tubes are £5 extra and should only be ordered if required for travel / storage purposes. 
  • The poster should not be laminated as this is an extra cost the CDTs will not cover.
  • Fabric posters are becoming more popular due to airline restrictions when travelling with a poster to a conference. This type of poster can be paid for by the CDT if traveling. 


All presentation materials, including posters, slides and printed documents, must acknowledge EPSRC, University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics and the CDT PPar by including their logos. Relevant logos for posters and presentations are available at the following links:

Additional Tips

For advice about designing posters for conferences, see this page created by Dr Charles Sutton. 

Depending on where you will be printing, be sure to review file format recommendations on the uCreate user guide or KB Copy Centre guide

Guidance on preparing presentations and posters is also offered at the Insitute for Academic Development's (IAD) website.