CDT Student Support and Representation

Information about the Mentoring and Student Representation schemes of the CDT PPar.

In addition to the support and advice available from your three supervisors, CDT students benefit from mentoring and student representation schemes, and have access to the School of Informatics' mechanisms for dealing with any issues that may arise.


From session 2016-2017 onwards the School is introducing a peer-to-peer mentoring scheme, known as "Academic Families". An Academic Family is small group of students, drawn from across the years, who will offer each other support and advice on "being a PhD student" and the challenges that involves. More details of the scheme will be circulated early in the semester.

Prior to the Academic Families scheme, students in the first two cohorts (starting 2014 and 2015) were paired with more a senior student volunteer, who provided a similar voice of experience.

Student Representation

Each CDT PPar student cohort elects a small number of representatives who liaise closely with Deputy Director Murray Cole at monthly meetings, or as required, to troubleshoot issues as they arise, and brainstorm on improvements to current practices. Typically each cohort will elect two or three reps, including at least one from amongst the students who are supervised through EPCC.

The current student representatives are: 

2014 Cohort (C1):

  • Simon Fowler
  • Martin Rüfenacht

2015 Cohort (C2):

  • Jakub Zalewski
  • Vanya Yaneva

2016 Cohort (C3):

  • Naums Mogers
  • Rudi Horn

2017 Cohort (C4):

  • Nicolai Oswald
  • Maxi Behnke

The CDT PPar Steering Committee includes one student representative. This role is currently filled by Justs Zariņš.

In addition, CDT PPar students may serve as Postgraduate Research Student (PGR) Class Representatives, to represent the CDT PPar on the School’s Staff-Student Liaison Committee. If you would like to volunteer to be a PGR Class Rep, please email Prof Alex Lascarides, Deputy Head of the Graduate School, at Please also let the CDT Administrator know if you take up this position.

Information about the wider School and University-level representation channels is available at the following links:

Class Reps and School Reps in the School of Informatics Class Reps are only relevant for students on taught courses, but School Reps are relevant for all students.  
PGR Student Representatives Group (SSLC) Student representation within the School of Informatics for Postgraduate by Research students.  
EUSA School and Class Representatives Elected student positions within the Edinburgh University Students' Association.
EUSA Student Council The ‘Parliament’ of the Students’ Association: resources, membership and achievements.


Personal Tutor for CDT PPar Students

The Personal Tutor for all CDT PPar PhD students is Stuart Anderson.

The Personal Tutor is an independent academic advisor who can be consulted by any student facing difficulties in their research that cannot be resolved through normal supervisory mechanisms. The role will always be filled by a senior member of academic staff with significant experience in PhD supervision.

Research students may contact Stuart Anderson directly through the above link. Students may request a consultation with a female Personal Tutor, by emailing igs @ (remove spaces).

CDT PPar students in their MSc year are also welcome to contact Murray Cole, particularly to deal with matters related to courses, extensions, and special circumstances (e.g. illness).

When students encounter problems with their supervision, they can contact the Personal Tutor, their Director of Institute or the Director or Deputy Director of the Graduate School.

Additional Student Support

The Informatics Graduate School provides multiple sources of student support and representation. See the Support Summary for details.

Contacts for Further Advice

Please see our People page for contact details of CDT and School staff.