VOX Coaching

VOX Coaching are an external coaching company who provide training to develop your communication skills.

The training is delivered by professional coaches with vast experience in lecturing and theatre/drama directing.

VOX Coaching website

In May 2017 IGS students experienced another very sucessful visit from the VOX coaches. As you can see below they were delighted with event.


I had great fun with VOX and learned loads. They gave me personalised feedback that showed where my weaknesses were and really useful practical techniques to help me improve my presentations. I would heartily recommend them.

Tom Mayo4th year Neuroinformatics student (PhD)

The VOX course helped me a lot from where I know what the aspects are for giving an excellent presentation, as well as the practical skills concerning these key points. The best part of VOX is that, except the general advice, you will have the specific guidance just for you, which can improve your talks while keeping your style

Xue Li2nd year CISA student (PhD)


VOX sessions for 2019/ 2020 have now been confirmed. The first of these will take place on the 4th November in the Informatics Forum. The second group of sessions will take place in May 2020, please keep an eye out for an email for this when registration becomes available. 


4th November 2019:

  • Managing Research Relationships

27th - 29th May 2020 (TBC)

  • Course 1: Stand and Deliver - Giving Effective Presentations
  • Course 2: Impact and Influence

Please email The Graduate School if you have any questions: igs@inf.ed.ac.uk