Payment of fees

Information for post graduate students on paying fees.

Tuition fees and other fees

Please take the time to read the following web pages which give further information on Tuition Fees, the Tuition Fee Policy and Other Fees you may be charged for your degree programme. Please note that annual fees are subject to annual revision and are due in full at matriculation. The payment of fees is the responsibility of the student and, in the event of a student’s sponsoring authority (if any) failing to make payment, the student will be held personally liable for payment.

UOE tuition fees

Planning ahead for 4th year

Though your 4th year ("submission period") may seem far away, it is important that you are aware of the fees you will be obligated to pay that year which are not covered by funding packages. Please note that:

  1. The prescribed period of study for the PhD programme 3 years (which are each charged tuition fees) for all students, regardless of how long they are funded for. Payment of these tuition fees depends on your funding package which is outlined in your EUCLID offer.
  2. The maximum period of study for the PhD programme is 4 years, the final year is the “submission period” (this final year is not charged tuition fees).
  3. If you begin your 4th year, you must matriculate to continue being registered as a student and you will be required to pay a “matriculation fee”.  This fee is payable personally by all students and is not covered by studentship funding. Once you confirm your attendance with the Graduate School you will be invoiced directly by Registry via your student account in EUCLID. If you do not confirm your attendance each year, you risk being withdrawn from your degree programme.
  4. If you go beyond the maximum period into a 5th year, the University also charges “continuation fees” for that year, pro rata for every authorised month of extension until submission of the thesis.  Students are personally responsible for paying these fees and they are not covered by studentship funding.

Please feel free to get in touch with the Informatics Graduate School (IGS) at if you have any questions.