Informatics Graduate School PGR Student Travel Fund

The Informatics Graduate School has a new but limited fund available to support research students’ travel and conference costs.

It is expected that this will be used for top-up funding; students and supervisors should try to obtain full or partial funds from other sources first.

The IGS Executive will decide on awards. Any travel and accommodation should be booked through the Level Office as per the School’s normal process; any expenses claims must be supported by receipts and submitted to the Graduate School Office.


To be eligible to apply for IGS travel funds:

  • The student must be registered on an Informatics PGR programme lead by the University of Edinburgh (NB: PGR students on the RAS CDT where HWU are the lead institution are not eligible to apply)
  • The student must be due to present a paper or poster at a conference or workshop;
  • The Student’s supervisor must approve the trip but lack the funds to pay full costs;
  • The student’s research institute (or CDT) must approve the trip, but be unable to resource full costs;
  • The student must not have already received any IGS travel funds within the current academic year;
  • The student must not be in receipt of a scholarship that provides funding for travel.

If you are a UKRI/EPSRC funded CDT student who is beyond their funded period, you may apply to the IGS travel fund to help support attendance at a conference due to take place after your funded period has ended.  In these cases, the following criteria also apply:

  • Bids must be supported by the relevant CDT Director (or their Deputy) 
  • the paper must have been submitted to a peer-reviewed conference of high standing;
  • the student must be first author and must be presenting the paper; and
  • attendance and presentation must be a prerequisite for inclusion of the paper in the proceedings.

Funding available

Funds will be disbursed on a first-come-first-served basis until the available annual budget is spent.

The amount that can be applied for will normally be up to a maximum of £500.

Where there is more demand than our budget allows, IGS will select applicants on the basis of the following factors, additional to the above eligibility criteria:

  • The prestige of the conference
  • The nature of the student’s contribution to the paper that's to be presented
  • Whether the student has contributed to services to the School; e.g., supplying teaching support.

Conditions of funding

Under the Good Stewardship of Public Funds, students should be aware that if they fail to attend the event paid for by IGS travel funds (or any other source of School/University funding), the student will be personally liable to repay at least 50% of the funded and incurred costs. 

Travel Insurance

Please be aware that The Informatics Graduate School will not arrange travel insurance for you. It is your responsibility, if allocated travel funds, to arrange this yourself whether that be with an external insurance provider or using university travel insurance.

Deadline and application

Applications can be considered throughout the year. All applications should be submitted by the student through the online application form and will be sent to their supervisor for approval before review. Students should ensure that they submit their application at least 10 days before they need to make their travel booking to ensure that there is sufficient time in advance of that to review the application.

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