Staff-student liaison committee (SSLC)

Information on PGR Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings.

Informatics PGR student representatives group

The Informatics Graduate School is committed to developing the School's PGR experience, in consultation with those registered on our PGR programmes.  In support of this, the Graduate School helps to host student representative meetings, with the aim of identifying where things could be improved.  The membership of this group includes the Deputy Head of Graduate School, PGR student representatives, Student Services admin staff, Technical and Computing staff. 

You can contact the group en-masse via .

Please contact your student representative if you'd like to influence the shape of the School's PGR provision, or raise a question about something that might be troubling you. 

We are also always on the look-out for new members, do let us know if you'd like to contribute.

PG SSLC current members

Previous SSLC minutes


The College of Science and Engineering has established the College Student Staff Liaison Committee (CSSLC) to discuss the “big issues” which require escalation from Schools because they are not School-specific issues that can be addressed within a school, but are wider-ranging issues which affect the student experience across the College (we are clear that these must not be programme-specific items or concerns, but must be thematic issues which resonate more widely).

The Committee is an opportunity to work together with students to address key concerns in an effective way to benefit our student experience and wider College community, and to ensure that there is a dialogue across the College about cross-cutting issues.

Please click here for an information page which outlines the remit and operation of the CSSLC. There will be separate meetings to discuss taught matters and PGR matters, with agendas set collectively by students at a pre-meeting (to ensure they are appropriate themes which resonate across the student body).


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