Support summary

An overview of support available to you within the school and wider University.


The supervisor(s) should be the primary source of advice for PhD students. Most supervisors are very experienced and can advise on strategies for dealing with the kinds of problems that arise in the course of research. With the general lack of structure of PhD studies, lack of discipline can be a problem, and sometimes a bit of pressure is helpful. The student-supervisor relationship requires a degree of patience on both sides. Sometimes the relationship begins to break down, and in such cases it can be helpful to seek outside advice or support. Sometimes students seek a change of supervisor, but there are situations in which no improvement is feasible, for instance due to lack of local specialist expertise.

Student support

There are sources of help in case of difficulties with supervision or any other aspect of your studies. Start near the beginning of the following sequence and work your way down if required.

  1. Your Principal Supervisor
  2. Your Assistant Supervisor(s)
  3. Your Institute Director
  4. Personal Tutor for Research Students (Paolo Guagliardo)
  5. Head of Graduate School (Nigel Topham - for issues concerning admissions and studentships)
  6. Deputy Head of Graduate School  (Alex Lascarides - for all other issues)
  7. Your PhD student rep - To find out who that is, click here
  8. Head of School  (Jane Hillston
  9. Dean of Students (Antony Maciocia)

There can be special difficulties when, for instance, your Supervisor and Institute Director are the same person. In case of such difficulties, jump to the next level in the sequence.

Other sources of advice or guidance

There are also various sources of help that are outside the usual academic "chain of command". These include: