You said, we did

A summary of outcomes as a direct result of suggestions made at SSLC meetings

You said, we did...summarises the action taken by the Informatics Graduate School in response to the student voice. The below table summarises some of the suggestions and outcomes raised at the biannual Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings.

Students are encouraged that if they have any suggestions or ideas that they feel may benefit the student experience please do contact the IGS or your Institute student representative.

You said We did
It was highlighted that some student offices still contain smaller computer monitors compared to other offices that contain newer/larger monitors.  Can each of the old monitors be upgraded? All older monitors throughout the Informatics Forum were replaced with the new upgraded 24" monitors.
It was suggested a small library of maps and guides for activities in the local area and throughout Scotland would be a welcome addition for students and had the potential to increase social interaction. A comprehensive collection of maps covering the whole of Scotland along with guidebooks to the local area and beyond were purchased and are available to students in Mini Forum 1.
Students stated that the provision of compute clusters available for use is rather small compared to other similar sized Institutions. A bigger resource of compute clusters was provided for students and is proving popular.
A provision for more School wide social events to improve student interaction would be beneficial The IGS provided financial help through use of the IAD fund to allow students to organise social events.  Social events organised and funded in the past year include Paintballing, Go-Karting and a Ceilidh.
There were some issues reported by students regarding overcrowding in rooms within the Informatics Forum.

In consultation with both students and the Buildings Committee the issues reported were resolved.

Students suggested an opportunity for them to practice their presentation skills on a regular basis. A monthly meeting called SNACK Club is now ongoing and allows students to practice their presentation skills alongside their peers.  The meeting is organised by students and is paid for using IAD funds.
It was suggested that the Informatics Policy regarding Teaching Support be redesigned to make it more transparent as to what is expected of the teaching support staff. The proposed policy on the way teaching is resourced, described and advertised was implemented making the number of hours a student is expected to do for teaching support more transparent.