Internal funding competition

Applying for funding from the Informatics studentship pot.

The "Informatics Studentship Pot" is a proportion of the EPSRC doctoral training account (DTA) allocation plus matching funding from the School. Research staff members can bid for funding from this pot based on a proposed PhD project (only one application per staff member per year is permitted). The general expectation is that supervisors will provide some matching funding (up to 50%) when bidding for funding from the pot. In the past, being able to contribute a proportion of the funding has been advantageous in getting studentship support but this was handled on an ad hoc basis; this application process is intended to make such arrangements more transparent. Note it is not the only mechanism for internal studentship funding, and in particular, may not the best mechanism if you have an outstanding applicant, but no external funding support: see link below for more information on alternatives.

Research grant-funded scholarships

Application forms  

The application form will be made available in advance of the next call for applications.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • quality of the project (potential academic contribution).
  • how it will enhance research environment in supervisor’s group.
  • amount and source of external contribution (or strength of justification for full funding).
  • quality of the student (if nominated). 

Evaluation will occur at the Institute level with a proportional number of (ranked) applications put forward to IGS who will make the final allocation decisions, taking into account previous and current commitments from the IGS/DTA budget to this supervisor from the School.

Note that currently a 100% UK or EU studentship (fees+stipend) for 3.5 years is £63,521. Thus an ideal external contribution would be around £10,000 per year for 3 years. There is usually some increase to the standard UKRC stipend year by year. If necessary (due to fixed amount of external funds) IGS will cover such stipend increases. We will not make awards that would result in a student being paid less than a full standard stipend. Supervisors who are allocated a studentship (without a nominated student) will have a three month period in which to recruit a student. Applicants will be assessed by the Institute selector to ensure they are of appropriate quality. Approximately half the funds in the pot can go to EU students: this will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is not anticipated that the funding from the pot will cover overseas fees (i.e. this would need to be covered by the external contribution) but note we have allocated other IGS funding to try to increase support for excellent overseas applicants:

Research scholarships overseas - IGS is happy to receive any feedback on the process at any point.

Important dates

  • Deadline for submission: TBC
  • Decision by institute: TBC
  • Allocation by IGS: TBC
  • Deadline for recruitment: TBC