Visiting Peking Students

Information for summer research visitors in 2018.

Summer Research Visitor Programme - Peking University Computer Science to Edinburgh School of Informatics

July~August 2018

We look forward to welcoming students from Peking University's Computer Science department to Edinburgh for an intensive research experience this summer.

Successful applicants will join one of our world-leading research groups for the summer.

Practical details

The core programme will run for 8 weeks, from 5 July through 29 August. Accommodation will be arranged (see below) in University halls of residence. One of our PhD students from China will be available to help with settling in to Edinburgh on arrival, and for general help throughout the summer.

Research projects

Before applying, the first step is to identify two or three projects that interest you and that fit with your background and experience. Possible project directors and topics (follow the links) are listed below.

Please do not contact the project director directly at this stage~send all queries to Henry S. Thompson, the programme coordinator.

David Aspinall

Mobile security

Network security

Other topics in cyber security and privacy

James Cheney Cross-tier Web programming
Vincent Danos Modelling biomolecular networks
Christophe Dubach High-Performance Code Generation for GPUs using Algorithmic Patterns
Michael Herrmann Self-Organization of Robot Behavior
Jane Hillston Work on the case studies of QUANTICOL project
Qiang Huang User Generated Dialogue Systems
Myungjin Lee Next generation network functions with SDN and NFV
Chris Lucas Bayesian hierarchical modelling of human learning
Vijay Nagarajan Enforcing Memory Consistency Efficiently: From Smartphones to the Cloud
Paul Patras IoT security and privacy, Heterogenous mobile systems, Mobile network analytics
Richard Shillcock Psycholinguistics of reading Chinese
Amos Storkey

Exciting developments in Deep Learning.

Charles Sutton Deep learning for computer programs and natural language comments
Henry Thompson Understanding HTTP use from web proxy logs
Bonnie Webber Chinese<->English Statistical Machine Translation (SMT): Assessing semantic accuracy
Maria Wolters Projects on human computer interaction and data science to support health and wellbeing


Participants will stay in four- or five-bedroom flats in a University building near the Informatics Forum.  These flats are self-catered, you are responsible for your own meals. The cost of accommondation will be approximately £900 for nine weeks (2 July through 2 September). Students should not attempt to book these rooms through the University, we will take care of that and let you know the exact cost.

How to let us know you are interested

In the first instance, send a short email giving a ranked list of at least two, preferably three, projects, to:

Prof. Yao Guo


Dr Maria Wolters

Please use "Peking/Edinburgh summer research visit" as the subject, and attach a short CV, being sure to list any courses/projects/employment relevant to your choices.