Algorithms and Data Structures (ADS)

Response to 2014/15 survey feedback.

ADS is running in 2015/16; however, it has now moved into semester 2.

I have taken note of the feedback provided through the Student Online Survey. It is mostly positive (thanks 2014/15 students) with the exception of the questions about coursework feedback and course organisation... This is followed through in text responses to Q5 ("What changes would improve ...?") and Q7 ("Any other comments ..."), where a couple of comments mention the delayed return of coursework feedback. For 2015/16 students, note that this delay arose because of inability to hire a marker to help mark Coursework 1. So the lecturer was marking cwk1 alongside a heavy workload in semester 1 (there was a similar problem in 2013/14 in fact).

Anyhow, I have taken the decision to move ADS into semester 2 for 2014/15. This means I am only teaching one course in each semester. It means that if there are further problems recruiting marking support and I have to mark it myself, at least I should be able to turn it around in the advertised time! (of course I hope this won't happen, but just in case).

The course will continue to have the emphasis on Algorithms (rather than Data Structures), and proof will remain important.

Mary Cryan, September 2015.