Informatics 1 - Functional Programming (INF1-FP)

Response to 2014/15 survey feedback

The Inf1-FP course is running in 2015/16.

I have taken note of the feedback provided through BOS (Bristol Online Survey). I have the following reponses/clarifications:

  • Students taking this course have a very wide range of backgrounds. That fact is apparent from the diversity of responses in the feedback.
  • I believe that any student can benefit from taking this course. My experience is that success and benefit gained is much more closely correlated with effort put in than with prior programming experience.
  • All students should expect to spend several hours per week on the tutorial exercises. A system for providing automated feedback on tutorial exercises is provided, in addition to help from the demonstrators in lab sessions and feedback from the tutors and other students in tutorial sessions.
  • Students who find the course difficult will do well if they take advantage of all of the support that is available. An additional voluntary weekly tutorial session is provided which focuses on giving extra help and practice with the fundamental concepts.
  • Students who find that they can cope easily should put effort into going beyond what is taught in the course. Another voluntary weekly tutorial session concentrates on more advanced topics, and there is a programming contest with prizes at the end of the course.

Don Sannella, September 2015.