Informatics 1 - Object Oriented Programming (Inf1-OP)

Response to 2014/15 survey feedback

The Inf1-OP is running in 2015/16.

I have taken note of the feedback provided through the Student Online Survey. I have the following responses/clarifications:

It will be clear to the reader from the responses that this course has students with a wide variety of backgrounds, from those who have done no programming before to those who are already expert, and everywhere in between.

To handle this, the course is structured so as to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and choose appropriate challenges, which tutors can help them work towards meeting. Students should come expecting to engage with this: if you do the bare minimum, e.g., only the lab exercises provided, you will be bored, and if you are not experienced and you do the bare minimum, you will not pass. You have been warned!

This year, we will be adding further advanced exercises for students who need additional challenge. We will also be identifying students who do not seem to be engaging more explicitly and earlier, so as to attempt to help them re-engage.

 Perdita Stevens, August 2015.