Introduction to Computer Systems (INF2C-CS)

Response to 2014/15 survey feedback.

The course is running in 2015/16.

I have taken note of the feedback provided through the Student Online Survey. Thanks for all the positive comments! I enjoyed teaching the course last year, and am super excited to do it again. I would like to offer the following comments based on the feedback:

  • Many students felt that the coursework assignments were quite challenging, especially given the small fraction of the overall grade that the coursework comprises. I agree! Starting this year, the coursework will be worth 40%, up from 25% in the previous years.
  • Several students noted that the second assignment is monotonous and doesn't contribute much to the learning outcomes. I agree! This year, we will have a completely different second coursework assignment that should enhance learning outcomes while providing valuable C programming practice.
  • A number of students felt that the first assignment was too challenging. This is a tough one. The assignment is meant to provide a meaningful exposure to assembly programming. A trivial assignment will not accomplish this. Hopefully the increased weight of the coursework assignments will help make the pain worth the gain.

Boris Grot, August 2015.