Software Engineering with Objects and Components (SEOC)

Response to 2014/15 survey feedback.

The SEOC course is running in 2015/16.

I have taken note of the feedback provided through the Student Online Survey. I have the following responses/clarifications:

  • I'm happy to see the very positive comments this year (though, as I said last year when there were a couple of negative comments, readers should note the very small number of respondents!). This year, the course will run along the same lines; the most significant change will probably be that I will be doing more to encourage students to try out some modelling tools, to get an idea of what tool support is available and to appreciate how models relate to code. Students planning to take this course should bear in mind that to get full benefit, it is essential to attend the sessions and keep up with the work, not assuming that no for-credit coursework means an easy ride!

Perdita Stevens, Lecturer name, August 2015.