Student course feedback 2015/16

Reports from student surveys, lecturer responses, and short introductory videos

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This is a record of student feedback from 2015/16. Please see current pages for more recent information.

Student course feedback

This page presents feedback from students about their experience on Informatics courses, to help future students in their course choices. There are also responses from the lecturers and many short introductory videos for individual courses. Please note that lecturers regularly revise course content and presentation from year to year — often directly in response to exactly this feedback.

Do not redistribute or reuse this material without permission. If you would like another format or want to use it in your own publication then please contact the Informatics Teaching Organisation.

Feedback reports

The most recent feedback is from 2015/16, and covers 91 courses at all levels in the School of Informatics. Not all courses run every year, and some courses do change over time: for example, starting in 2016 a number have been revised to 20 credit points that were previously 10 credit points. See the Course Index for current details of all courses offered.

The tables below summarise over two thousand individual submissions from students, gathered through an online survey at the end of each semester. Each lecturer has been invited write a response to the student feedback, and these often set out changes made following the survey.

This year we have trialled the EvaSys survey tool, still under development, which is due to be used across the university in future. Previously we used an Informatics-specific survey with slightly different questions. Response was very high, with many detailed comments from students. Even so, a few courses have a low number of responses and results may not be representative. Some lecturers also distribute paper surveys during their course, and that information does not appear here.

The published reports include responses to all multiple-choice questions and the first free-text question asking about the course. Each lecturer receives an extended report including responses to all other questions, and this full report is also read by the relevant Year Organiser and the Director of Teaching.

Each year we check to filter out responses that contain offensive language directed at individuals. There were no such cases in 2015/16. There is no censorship or other selection of results before publication.

Notes on the tables

The word (new) after a lecturer name indicates that a new lecturer has taken over the course.

Courses are grouped by year taken. Note that many honours courses may be taken in a choice of years: these are listed as Year 3/4 or Year 4/5/MSc as appropriate.

Viewing each feedback report requires DICE authentication: you must have an School of Informatics user account to log in and download these.

We provide the introductory videos in both MP4 (MPEG) and OGV (Ogg) formats for different browsers.

Year 1 courses (Level 8)

Course Name 16/17 Lecturer 15/16 Feedback Lecturer Response MP4 (2010) OGV (2010)
Computer Programming Skills and Concepts Bradfield / Heafield (new) / Marina (new) report (Bradfield / Cryan)      
Data, Design and Society NOT RUNNING report (Klein)      
Informatics 1 - Cognitive Science Lucas / Shillcock report (Lapata / Lucas / Shillcock)   Video (52MB) Video (52MB)
Informatics 1 - Computation and Logic Fourman report (Fourman)      
Informatics 1 - Data and Analysis Stark report (Stark)      
Informatics 1 - Functional Programming Sannella report (Sannella)   Video (52MB) Video (52MB)
Informatics 1 - Object-Oriented Programming Hospedales (new) report (Stevens) response Video('13) Video('13)

Year 2 courses (Level 8)

Course Name 16/17 Lecturer 15/16 Feedback Lecturer Response MP4 (2010) OGV (2010)
Informatics 2A - Processing Formal and Natural Languages Lopez (new) / Longley report (Longley / Cohen) response Video (23MB) Video (23MB)
Informatics 2B - Algorithms, Data Structures, Learning Kalorkoti / Shimodaira report (Kalorkoti / Shimodaira)   Video (42MB) Video (42MB)
Informatics 2C - Introduction to Computer Systems Grot report (Grot)   Video (39MB) Video (39MB)
Informatics 2C - Introduction to Software Engineering Jackson report (Jackson) response    
Informatics 2D - Reasoning and Agents Herrmann (new) / Rosvatos / Series report (Rosvatos / Lascarides) response    
Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Reasoning Etessami / Stirling report (Arapinis / Etessami / Stirling)      

Year 3 courses (Level 9)

Course Name 16/17 Lecturer 15/16 Feedback Lecturer Response MP4 (2010) OGV (2010)
AI Large Practical Smaill (new) report (S.Anderson)   Video (52MB) Video (52MB)
Automated Reasoning Fleuriot report (Fleuriot / Jackson)   Video (32MB) Video (32MB)
Computer Architecture Grot / Nagarajan report (Grot / Nagarajan)   Video (42MB) Video (42MB)
Computer Communications and Networks M.Lee report (M.Lee) response Video (20MB) Video (20MB)
Computer Design Topham report (Topham) response    
CS Large Practical Patras report (Patras)      
Elements of Programming Languages Cheney report (Cheney) response    
Foundations of Natural Language Processing Lucas (new) / Thompson (new) report (Goldwater / Webber ) response Video (41MB) Video (41MB)
Introductory Applied Machine Learning Goddard report (Goddard)   Video (59MB) Video (59MB)
Introduction to Vision and Robotics Fallon (new)

report (Fisher / Herrmann)

report (distance learning)

response Video (23MB) Video (23MB)
Logic Programming NOT RUNNING report (Smaill)   Video (27MB) Video (27MB)
Operating Systems O'Boyle report (O'Boyle) response    
Professional Issues Fourman / Wadler report (Fourman / Wadler) response    
SE Large Practical Gilmore (new) 2014/15 report (Clark)      
Software Engineering with Objects and Components NOT RUNNING report (Stevens) response Video('12) (13MB) Video('12) (13MB)
Software Testing Rajan report (Rajan)      
System Design Project Hillston (new) / Webb (new) report (Thompson)   Video (25MB) Video (25MB)
Undergraduate Research Practical NOT RUNNING report (J.Lee)      

Year 3/4 courses (Level 10)

Course Name 16/17 Lecturer 15/16 Feedback Lecturer Response MP4 (2010) OGV (2010)
Agent Based Systems Rovatsos report (Rovatsos) response Video (46MB) Video (46MB)
Algorithms and Data Structures Mayr (new) report (Cryan) response Video (45MB) Video (45MB)
Computational Cognitive Science Keller report (Keller)   Video (56MB) Video (56MB)
Computer Security  Arapinis / Vaniea report (Arapinis / Vaniea) response Video (31MB) Video (31MB)
Compiling Techniques Dubach report (Dubach)   Video (35MB) Video (35MB)
Database Systems Guagliardo report (Guagliardo )   Video (39MB) Video (39MB)
Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science Bradfield report (Bradfield)    
Software Design and Modelling Stevens NEW COURSE    

Year 4 courses (Level 10)

Course Name 16/17 Lecturer 15/16 Feedback Lecturer Response MP4 (2010) OGV (2010)
Honours Project (Informatics) Sannella report (Sannella)      
Intelligent Autonomous Robotics Webb report (Webb) response Video ('12) (41MB) Video ('12) (41MB)
MInf Project (Part 1) Sannella report (Sannella)      
MInf Project (Part 2) Sannella report (Sannella)      
System Level Integration Practical NOT RUNNING report (Arvind)   Video (36MB) Video (36MB)

Year 4/5/MSc courses (Level 11)

Course Name 16/17 Lecturer 15/16 Feedback Lecturer Response MP4 (2010) OGV (2010)
Advanced Databases Viglas

2014/15 report (Viglas)

  Video (44MB) Video (44MB)
Algorithmic Game Theory and its Applications Etessami report (Etessami )      
Adaptive Learning Environments 1 Pain report (Pain)      
Advances in Programming Languages Stark 2014/15 report (Stark)   Video (43MB) Video (43MB)
Automatic Speech Recognition Renals / Shimodaira report (Renals / Shimodaira) response Video (34MB) Video (34MB)
Computer Algebra Kalorkoti report (Kalorkoti)   Video (44MB) Video (44MB)
Computer Animation and Visualisation Komura report (Komura)      
Computer Graphics Komura (new) report (Thorne)      
Computational Complexity NOT RUNNING report (Diakonikolas)   Video (40MB) Video (40MB)
Computer Networking Marina report (Marina)   Video (24MB) Video (24MB)
Compiler Optimization Leather report (Leather)   Video (34MB) Video (34MB)
Distributed Systems Franke / Sarkar report (Franke / Sarkar) response    
Embedded Systems Franke / Rajan (new) report (Franke / O'Boyle) response Video (22MB) Video (22MB)
Extreme Computing Heafield report (Heafield) response    
Formal Verification Fleuriot / Jackson NEW COURSE      
Human-Computer Interaction Vaniea (new) report (Arvind)   Video (43MB) Video (43MB)
Introduction to Modern Cryptography Kiayias NEW COURSE      
Introduction to Quantum Computation Wallden report (Wallden)      
Machine Learning Practical Renals report (Renals) response    
Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition Murray report (Murray / Williams) response    
Machine Translation Lopez report (Lopez) response    
Natural Language Understanding Keller / Lapata report (Keller / Lapata)      
Parallel Architectures Nagarajan report (Nagarajan)   Video (43MB) Video (43MB)
Performance Modelling Hillston 2014/15 report (Hillston)   Video (MB) Video (MB)
Parallel Programming Languages and Systems Cole report (Cole) response Video (MB) Video (MB)
Randomness and Computation Cryan (new) 2014/15 report (Diakonikolas)      
Scalable Data Management Systems Viglas NEW COURSE      
Software Architecture, Process, and Management S.Anderson report (S.Anderson)   Video ('12) (38MB) Video ('12) (38MB)
Secure Programming Aspinall report (Aspinall) response    
Social and Technological Networks Sarkar report (Sarkar)      
Semantic Web Systems NOT RUNNING report (Fleuriot)      
Topics in Cognitive Modelling NOT RUNNING report (J.Lee / Lucas)   Video (58MB) Video (58MB)
Topics in Natural Language Processing Cohen report (Cohen)      
Types and Semantics for Programming Languages Wadler report (Wadler ) response Video ('13) Video ('13)

Year 5/MSc courses

Most MSc study is at Level 11.However, MSc students may take up to 30 credit points of Level 9 and Level 10 courses. Those are listed in the sections above for Year 3 and Year 4; except for the MSc-specific Introduction to Java Programming which appears here.

Course Name 16/17 Lecturer 15/16 Feedback Lecturer Response MP4 (2010) OGV (2010)
Introduction to Java Programming (level 9) P.Anderson report (P.Anderson)      
Advanced Topics in Foundations of Databases Pieris report (Libkin)      
Applied Databases Viglas (new) report (Maneth)      
Accelerated Natural Language Processing Goldwater / Thompson report (Goldwater / Thompson) response    
Advanced Vision Fisher report (Fisher) response Video (35MB) Video (35MB)
Bioinformatics 1 Armstrong / Hennig report (Armstrong / Hennig) response Video (30MB) Video (30MB)
Bioinformatics 2 Armstrong / Hennig report (Armstrong / Hennig)      
Categories and Quantum Informatics Heunen NEW COURSE      
Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Series report (Series )   Video (34MB) Video (34MB)
Case Studies in Design Informatics 1 Hill report (Oberlander)      
Case Studies in Design Informatics 2 Hill report (Oberlander)      
Data Mining and Exploration Gutmann NEW COURSE      
Introduction to Research in Data Science Sutton report (Sutton)      
Informatics Research Review van Rossum report (van Rossum)      
Informatics Research Proposal van Rossum report (van Rossum)      
Music Informatics Smaill report (Smaill)      
Neural Computation van Rossum report (van Rossum)   Video (36MB) Video (36MB)
Neural Information Processing Hennig / van Rossum report (Hennig / van Rossum)   Video (28MB) Video (28MB)
Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning Storkey report (Storkey)   Video (30MB) Video (30MB)
Pervasive Parallelism Cole report (Cole) response    
Reinforcement Learning Ramamoorthy (new) report (Herrmann) response Video ('12) (31MB) Video ('12) (31MB)
Robot Learning and Sensorimotor Control Vijayakumar report (Vijayakumar)      
Robotics: Science and Systems

Fisher / Herrmann / Li / Ramamoorthy / Vijayakumar

report (Ramamoorthy / Vijayakumar / Williams)