Computer Design (CD)

Response to 2015/16 survey feedback.


I thank all of the students in 2015/2016 who completed the survey and gave such positive responses. I have taken note of the feedback from students, and will be addressing those suggestions in the following ways:

  • This year we have opened up the laboratory sessions so that each student can attend either the Tuesday or Wednesday session, or indeed both if they wish.
  • The ratio of lab tutors to students has increased this year, by a factor of approximately 3x, and this will allow more time for each tutor to spend with each student.
  • This year there are additional exercise sheets, that are not summatively assessed, to assist students with the practicalities of understanding the course material and Verilog in particular. These will be returned within 7 days with full feedback, and can be discussed with the teaching team in the laboratory sessions.
  • The suggestion of creating a Verilog FAQ is appreciated, and will be actively considered this year.
  • The effective weighting of the coursework has doubled compared to last year, as the course as a whole is now worth 20 credits rather than 10.
  • The expectations for the contents of reports will be made more explicit to students this year, and in the future.

Nigel Topham, September 2016