Machine Learning Practical (MLP)

Response to 2015/16 survey feedback.

I would like to thank all the students who took the time provide feedback on this course, it is much appreciated.

MLP ran for the first time in 2015-16, as a 10-credit course. The students who took this course engaged really well with the both the overall aims and the specific course details. All of us involved in the course (lecturer, TA, demonstrator) learned a lot, as well as, I believe, the students taking the course.

Thank you very much for the many positive comments. We are always trying to improve the course, and for 2016-17 it is a 20 credit course running for the full year, which should enable students to do larger scale project-type coursework. We have also worked on further improving the software framework used. There are also many small changes that have come about as a direct response to comments and discussions both through the formal feedback, and informally throughout the course,

Steve Renals, October 2016