Agent Based Systems (ABS)

Response to 2016/17 survey feedback for ABS.

I have taken note of the feedback from students in this course survey, and have the following comments in response.

  • It is very reassuring to see that the feedback on the course is overwhelmingly positive on the whole, especially given that it was delivered in flipped classroom format for the first time with the coursework moving from programming exercises to essays.
  • Nonetheless, I appreciate that there were some negative comments on the flipped classroom format, it requires quite a different style of learning and will take a while for teachers and students to adapt to. I will review the in-class problem sets again to make sure all topics from the videos are also covered through exercises in class.
  • I acknowledge the usability concerns with the Learn system raised by the students, and hope the new version of the University-wide system will solve some of these. Also, more (and more difficult) revision questions seem to be worth adding to go with the lecture videos.
  • The feedback indicates that some students prefer essay-based to programming coursework, others would rather have more practical exercises. I will consider options to mix both elements in the future so as to achieve a compromise.

Michael Rovatsos, September 2017