Advanced Vision (AV)

Response to 2016/17 survey feedback for AV.

I have taken note of the feedback from students in this course survey, and have the following comments in response.

  • We plan to add some structured but not assessed activities for the labs.
  • We will add content on Deep Learning for Object Recognition.
  • We will keep the team practicals. 1) There is the self-tutoring effect (students learn more). 2) It's good team working experience and most of the time it works well.
  • One could simply watch the videos, read the notes and not come to class, as with any course. Here, the in-class activities are designed to clear up confusing points and re-inforce concepts. The short videos are also designed to be short and concept focussed, because evidence shows that human memory retention decays to almost nothing by 20-30 minutes. There is also much benefit to being able to rewatch the videos for non-English speaking students.

Bob Fisher, September 2017