Case Studies in Design Informatics 1 (CDI1)

Response to 2016/17 survey feedback for CDI1.

In the first Semester of Design Informatics, we take a very diverse bunch of people from Computer Science and Design backgrounds and bring them up to speed so that they can do good work together in Semester 2. This means that some of the content in the courses may be familiar to you. So if you feel like you have seen it all before - talk to the lecturer! They will be happy to provide you with more challenging readings and materials.

Since the class is no longer taught by Robin, there will be less focus on cognitive science and affective computing, and a stronger focus on human computer interaction.

What we will improve:

  • We will be clear about the learning outcomes, and about the aims of each assignment
  • We have changed the assignment structure, introducing more individual assignments
  • We will provide clear marking guidelines
  • We will assemble groups according to student profiles
  • We will encourage every student to identify the unique knowledge that they bring to the group
  • We are increasing the entrance requirements for the course and for the programme

Maria Wolters, September 2017