Randomness and Computation (RC)

Response to 2016/17 survey feedback for RC.

I have taken note of the feedback from students in this course survey, and have the following comments in response.

  • The students that mention that this is a theoretical course which demands strong mathematical skills - they are right.

  • A couple of the responders mentioned that some of the lectures were a bit disorganised, and that they had typos. These students are right. I was teaching the course for the first time, and there was no existing set of slides, so everything was being developed from scratch and sometimes in a hurry.

    I will strive to have a more polished performance this year, and think that with the extra time this should happen. In fact, most of the typos (and also points needing extra explanations) have already been sorted out - as I tidied things up for the students (with annotations) in the weeks before the exams.

  • A couple of the responders have emphasised the need for tutorials. This feedback already came back to me when I did a mid-semester questionnaire in Spring 2017, and I requested resourcing for 5 tutorials at Teaching Committee in May/June. So we will have 5 tutorials this year, running in weeks 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 (I think, weeks not definite yet!).

    I always aim to have the tutorials taught by someone different to myself, to give an alternative perspective.

  • It is true my lectures sometime "run over" in time. It was worse than usual in Spring 2017 as I was teaching the material for the first time and was unsure which parts would be slower (or need extra explanations on the board). Should be better for 2018, now that I have the experience of the time taken.

Mary Cryan, September 2017