Staff availability for 2019/20 recruitment round

A summary and table of staff commitment to recruitment events for 2019/20.

All academic staff are required to spend at least 4 hours a year on undergraduate recruitment activities.  This commitment can be satisfied by doing one or more of the following:

  • Sessions at Offer Holder Days - OHDs (1-2-1's), these usually last 1.15 hours (3.00-4.15pm on OHD days).
  • Sessions at on the Information Desk at the University Open Days, normally 2 hours each.
  • Presenting a talk at OHDs or Open Days (30min talk plus preparation time, i.e. revising the existing slides).
  • Giving a talk or presentation at some off-campus careers event (e.g. at a local school).
  • Informally talking to applicants and their parents during the process of the OHDs, either at lunch or during the 1-2-1 times.
  • Seeing students who make ad hoc visits and want to discuss the courses with a staff member.
  • Preparing a re-usable demo on some aspect of Informatics that can be used for Open Days and similar events.
  • Involvement in the organisation and running of 'virtual open days'.
  • Taking part in wider outreach activities, for example, helping during the Edinburgh International Science Festival.
  • For those who really don't want to have to interact with school students, a final option could be to volunteer to help with the revision of publicity materials, such as leaflets, brochures or the website.

If you have participated in a recruitment activity that is not noted below, please contact InfComms.



  Academic Fair UG Open Day 2019 UG Open Day 2019 PG Open Day 2019 Offer Holder Day 2020


Offer Holder Day 2020

UG Open Day 2020 Other Activities; AdHoc Visits 
Dates 10/09/19 21/09/19 05/10/19 13/11/19 27/03/19 01/04/19  June 2020
Albrecht, Stefano                
Alexandru, Cristina                
Anderson, Paul                
Anderson, Stuart                
Andreadis, Pavlos                
Arapinis, Myrto              


Armstrong, Douglas                
Arvind, DK                
Aspinall, David              
Bach, Benjamin                
Belle, Vaishak                
Bhatotia, Pramod                
Bilen, Hakan                
Bishop, Chris                
Bradfield, Julian                
Bundy, Alan                
Buneman, Peter                
Bull, Mark                
Cheney, James                
Cohen, Shay                
Cole, Murray                
Constantin, Aurora                
Cryan, Mary                
Danos, Vincent                
Dubach, Christopher                
Etessami, Kousha                
Fan, Wenfei                
Ferrari, Vittorio                
Fisher, Bob                
Fleuriot, Jacques                
Fourman, Michael                
Franke, Bjoern                
Gal, Kobi                
Gilmore, Stephen                
Glowacka, Dorota                
Goddard, Nigel                
Goldwater, Sharon                
Gordon, Andrew                
Goryanin, Igor                
Grot, Boris                
Guagliardo, Paulo                
Guo, Heng                
Gutmann, Michael                
Heafield, Kenneth                
Hennig, Mathias              
Herrmann, Michael                
Heunen, Chris                
Hill, Robin                
Hillston, Jane                
Hospedales, Timothy                
Jackson, Paul                
Kalorkoti, Kyriakos                
Kashefi, Elham                
Keller, Frank                
Kiayias, Aggelos                
King, Simon                
Klein, Ewan                
Komura, Taku                
Lapata, Mirella                
Lascarides, Alex                
Leather, Hugh                
Lee, John                
Lee, Myungjin                
Lapata, Mirella                
Li, Zhibin                
Libkin, Leonid                
Longley, John                
Lopez, Adam                
Lucas, Christopher                
Ma, Tiejun                
Magdy, Walid                
Marina, Mahesh                
Mayr, Richard                
Mistry, Michael                
Moore, Johanna                
Murray, Iain                
Nagarajan, Vijay                
O'Boyle, Michael                
Onken, Arno                
Pain, Helen                
Patras, Paul              


Pieris, Andreas                
Rajan, Ajitha                
Ramamoorthy, Subramanian                
Renals, Steve                
Rovatsos, Michael                
Sanguinetti, Guido                
Sannella, Don                
Sarkar, Rik                
Schweizer, Paul                
Seeker, Volker                
Sennrich, Rico                
Series, Peggy                
Sevilla-Lara, Laura                
Shillcock, Richard                
Shimodaira, Hiroshi                
Simpson, Ian                
Smaill, Alan                
Smith, Aaron                
Stark, Ian                
Stevens, Perdita                
Stirling, Colin                
Storkey, Amos                
Subr, Kartic                
Sun, He                
Sutton, Charles                
Tate, Austin                
Thompson, Henry                
Titov, Ivan                
Topham, Nigel                
Van Rossum, Mark                
Vaniea, Kami                
Vijayakumar, Sethu                
Wadler, Phil                
Wallden, Petros                
Webb, Barbara              
Williams, Chris                
Wolters, Maria                
Zikas, Vassilis