Student prize winners 2015-16

A list of student prize winners for year 2015/16.

A list of student prize winners at the summer graduation ceremony for year 2015-16.


Top class prize

Sebastian Schulze BSc Aritificial Intelligence and Computer Science
Federica Astengo BSc Cognitive Science
Dimitar Dimitrov BSc Computer Science
Hans-Peter HÖllwirth BSc Computer Science and Management Science
Teodor Marinov BSc Computer Science and Mathematics
Ali Moosa BSc Computer Science and Physics
Faye Richards BEng Computer Science with Management
Lukas Dirzys MInf Informatics
Manas Bajaj BEng Software Engineering
Andrej Ivanis BEng Computer Science and Electronics


Equality and Diversity Prize

Alex Kearney Best Final Year Performance by a Female Student
Federica Astengo Best Final Year Performance by a Female Student


Jim Howe Undergraduate prize

Sebastian Schulze Top Perfonance in Artificial Intelligence UG4 Degree


Kevin Clarke Memorial Prize

Teodor Marinov Top Perfomance in Computer Science and Mathematics UG4 Degree


JP Morgan Prize

Dimitar Dimitrov Top Performance in Computer Science UG4 Degree


Microsoft Research Prize

Manas Bajaj Best Final-Year Student Project