Student-led academic support

Overview of Cascaders

Cascaders is a volunteer-lead learning scheme run by the School of Informatics, where Honours students act to give help to other students by cascading their knowledge (usually to others in lower years). This can be help of a general nature or specific to areas covered in the School’s courses. This is run in conjunction with other support services available at the School - InfPALs and Programming Club. 

Student volunteers can indicate their availability by having a beanbag monkey on top of their monitor and will be indicated via Cascade on the Mauraders App. If you see a Cascader you are welcome to approach them and ask them about any problems they may be able to help with.

Things to remember about asking Cascaders for help:

  • Cascaders are not experts in all aspects of Informatics but they are willing to try to help people and to point them in a sensible direction if they can’t help directly (such as Piazza, Programming Club, etc.)
  • They are not there to do your assessed coursework for you. If you are stuck on a piece of work, you can ask about conceptual problems and things you have difficulty understanding but you should not ask them to do part of the exercise. 
  • If you have received significant help, you should always acknowledge this in your writeup. Please see the guidelines on academic misconduct for further details.

Simple rules to follow when approaching a Cascader

  • Cascaders should have time that is uninterrupted to do their own work and there might not always be a Cascader available to help you when required due to time pressures on all students. Please follow the simple rule:

    • If a Cascader has a monkey on their monitor or appear on the Mauraders App as available, you are welcome to consult them
    • If a Cascader does not have anything on their monitor nor appear on the Mauraders App as available, please do not ask them for any assistance and leave them in peace.

Please contact us if you have any comments about the scheme or you would like to volunteer.

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