More information for students wishing to transfer to or from a degree programme in Informatics.

Students who are interested in transferring in to a degree programme in the School of Informatics should contact the Student Support Team by e-mail with their request.

Contact the Student Support team

Transfers into School of Informatics

Transfers into the School of Informatics are not available in the academic year 2019/2020 due to an unexpectedly large cohort of Informatics students this year.

Transfers within the School of Informatics

If a current Informatics student wishes to transfer onto another degree programme within the School of Informatics, they can contact the Student Support Team or their Personal Tutor with this request.

Students' course registrations should meet the Degree Programme Table requirements of their new degree, or have permissible substitutions.

Transfers onto the 5 year Informatics MInf degree programme may have additional considerations to take into account, particularly regarding the Honours Project and the Honours progression hurdle.

Internal degree transfers can take place at any time of the year however in order not to interfere with the function of the School’s Boards of Examiners, transfers of degree will not normally be processed in the months of May and June.  An exception to this rule will only be made in the case where the transfer of degree is essential for a student to graduate.  Requests to transfer degree which are received in the May/June period will be actioned in July after the Boards of Examiners have concluded.

Transfers out of School of Informatics

Permission to transfer out to another School is granted by the relevant receiving College.

If an Informatics student wishes to transfer to a programme in another School within the College of Science and Engineering, they should contact the Student Support Team or Teaching Organisation from that School.

If an Informatics student wishes to transfer to a programme in another School which belongs to a different College, approval is required by that College.  For continuing students who wish to apply for a transfer to a degree programme owned by a School in the College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS), they must complete an online application form and submit it to CAHSS before the deadline, which is usually in June of each year. 

More about the CAHSS transfer request form and the application guidelines

Important note for students on a Tier 4 visa

If you are studying at the University of Edinburgh on a Tier 4 visa, a transfer to a new degree programme may affect your visa so we would advise you to tonctact the Student Immigration Service to enquire about any potential visa implications.

Student Immigration Service webpage

Important note for 1st year UG students

Until the end of week 2, semester 1, first year undergraduate students are not permitted to transfer without the permission of the relevant College Admission Team.  Please contact the Student Support Team if you require further information on this.

Important note concerning students studying abroad

If you are a current University of Edinburgh student who plans to study away from the University next year, or who is currently studying away from the University in this academic year, please note the following: i) you cannot transfer to another degree while studying away; and ii) if you wish to transfer degree you are strongly advised to coordinate with the Student Support Team and the Teaching Organisation of the School that you wish to transfer to, and while studying away to take courses which are compatible with the degree that you will be studying for when you return.