Venue codes

A list of building and room codes.

The codes below identify venues in the Informatics lecture timetable. Each event in the timetable has a building code and a room code.

Building codes 

Room codes

Each room code is followed by a building code, for example:

  • G.08 1 GSQ - Room G08 of 1 George Square
  • BLT MEDS - Basement Lecture Theatre, Medical School
  • LT2 AT - Theatre 2, Appleton Tower
  • FRN DHT - Faculty Room North, David Hume Tower
  • FRS DHT- Faculty Room South, David Hume Tower
  • LTB DHT - Theatre B, David Hume Tower
  • HRB LT RB -  H.R.B Lecture Theatre, Hugh Robson Building
  • RM 425 Anatomy LT MEDS - Anatomy Lecture Theatre (Doorway 3), Medical School Teviot
  • Meadows LT MEDS -  Meadows Lecture Theatre (G.07 Doorway 4), Medical School Teviot
  • Teviot LT, MEDS -  Teviot Lecture Theatre (Doorway 5), Medical School Teviot
  • 2.02 OIB -  Room 2.02, Old Infirmary Building 
  • G200 SR2 MEDS - G200 Seminar Room 3 (Doorway 3), Medical School Teviot
  • SSLT MEDS - Sydney Smith Lecture Theatre (Doorway 1), Medical School Teviot
  • G.16 SR MEDS - G.16 Seminar Room (Doorway 4), Medical School Teviot
  • SR1 CMB - Seminar Room 1 Chrystal Macmillan Building
  • GFEH AH - Ground Floor Exam Hall, Adam House
  • 3.11 DSB - Room 3.11 David Hume Room, Dugald Stewart Building

If you are unsure about a lecture or tutorial venue please contact the ITO or consult the University's Campus Maps page.  

Further information on the rooms and their facilities can be found on the Estates & Buildings page.