BoE August/September 2019

A Schedule of Board of Examiners Meetings for August/September 2018.


Board of Examiners Meetings August & September 2019

M = to be minuted by ITO

Please note the following deadlines:

tbc - Deadline for Personal Tutors to submit Special Circumstances Forms and supporting evidence/documents to the Student Support Team (

Date Time Meeting Minuted By Assisted By Location
Wed 21 Aug 10.00am UG3 Special Circumstances Meeting M ID LB AT-6.16
Thu 22 Aug 10.00am Non-Honours Special Circumstances Meeting M KD KR AT-6.16
Fri 23 Aug 10.00am UG3 Stage 1 [Course] & Stage 2 [Progression] Board of Examiners MeetingM LB SS AT-7.14
Thu 22 Aug 3.00pm UG4/5 Special CIrcumstances Meeting ID   AT-6.16
Mon 26 Aug 2.00pm Non-Honours Marks Considered by BoE Convener and Year Organisers N/A N/A AT-6.16
Wed 28 Aug 10.30am UG1 Stage 1 [Course] Board of Examiners Meeting M   RF AT-7.14
Wed 28 Aug 11.00am UG2 Stage 1 [Course] Board of Examiners Meeting M KR   AT-7.14
Thurs 5 Sep 10.00am Non-Honours Stage 2 [Programme/Progressions] Board of Examiners Meeting M KD N/A AT-7.14
Thurs 19 Sept 2:00pm MSc Special Circumstances Meeting M KL SS TBC
Wed 25 Sep 2:00pm MSc combined Stage 1 [Dissertation] & Stage 2 [Final Award] Board of Examiners Meeting M SS RF


Thurs 10 Oct 3:30pm MSc/MF Design Informatics Stage 1 [Dissertation] & Stage 2 [Final Award] Board of Examiners Meeting ECA SS/RF ECA


Stage 1 meetings approve the final course marks for all relevant courses and may consider the provisional Stage 2 performance of relevant candidates.

Stage 2 meetings approve the programme profile of relevant students and the progression status of MSc, UG3 and 4th Year MInf students, and the final classification of UG4 and 5th Year MInf students.


M = Minuted by ITO admin

Non-Honours = UG1 and UG2

Honours = UG3, UG4, UG5