Resources for Personal Tutors

Information and advice for Personal Tutors and their tutees: counselling, careers, Euclid, and more.

This page holds links to or copies of documents mostly provided from outside the School pages, perhaps from other parts of the University, external services, or colleagues'  personal pages. They give information or advice on various aspects of being a Personal Tutor, and may also be consulted by Personal Tutees. Instructions on performing essential tasks are provided in the other PT pages in the navigation menu.

Iain Murray has for several years maintained for his own use of list of resources useful for him as a PT. Ultimately, much of his list should probably make its way in here. Meanwhile, here is

Academic Administration

The resources in this section may assist Personal Tutors in navigating the administration of their tutees' records. For major topics such as concessions, withdrawals, interruptions, etc., please see our own advice on the pages in the navigation menu at the left.

Academic Advice

This section contains resources to help PTs and students with academic and curricular matters.

Careers Advice

Pastoral Support

While providing pastoral support is a key element of the Personal Tutor role, PTs are not expected to go beyond their own competence, or to play the part of professional counselling or health services. This section provides guidance and information for those times when a friendly chat is not enough.