Students studying abroad

Information for Personal Tutors about students taking the option to study abroad.

Actions for Personal Tutors

Change of programme request

Prior to the start of session request a change of programme to make sure that the students record is up to date.  This is accessed via the students EUCLID record, click on the Request a Change to Programme Details on the Programme tab.  When filing the form, be sure to fill in in the cc box.This helps the ITO keep their records up to date.

Confirming attendance

You are still required to confirm attendance for students on exchange.  Please only do so after you have received communication from the student that they have arrived at the partner institution. 

Checking on progress throughout the year

Please maintain contact with your students whilst they are abroad, checking in on progress as you would a student in Edinburgh.

Information that students are given:

The University of Edinburgh is involved in a number of international exchange schemes, details of which can be found on the Student Exchanges page of the Edinburgh Global website.  If you are interested in applying for one of these schemes please contact your Personal tutor to discuss the options available to you.

Student Exchanges

Edinburgh Global


Students spending a year abroad are expected to take courses that correspond reasonably closely to the courses they would have taken in Edinburgh, both in terms of content and credit weighting (e.g. 60 European Credit Transfer Scheme points correspond to 120 Edinburgh University points). Because of the difficulty of mapping an overseas mark to an Edinburgh mark, the Senatus has ruled that students will be allocated the appropriate credits for the period spent abroad but that these will be zero-weighted in terms of the final degree classification (unless the period abroad is a requirement of the course). So for students in Informatics who spend their third year abroad, their degree results will be based on their final year marks only.

Erasmus exchanges

The School has Erasmus agreements with universities in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.  Further information on these opportunities is available from Edinburgh Global.

International exchanges

The University also has exchanges with universities all over the world, including universities in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. 

The following policy has detailed information on the application and selection process.


Further information on these opportunities is available from Edinburgh Global.

**The deadline for both Erasmus and International Exchange applications for study abroad in 2016/2017 is TBC.

Exchange coordinator

If you have any queries regarding studying abroad please contact  the Informatics Exchange Coordinator, Hiroshi Shimodaira.

Study Abroad Information for Informatics students