Programme guide

Specialist areas, changing and registering courses, lecture and examination timetables and past exam papers.

The full-time MSc programmes in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Data Science, and Informatics are split into two elements: two semesters of lecture-based teaching including the compulsory Informatics Research Review (IRR) and Informatics Project Proposal (IPP), followed by a major individual project in a chosen specialist area. Together, these span a full twelve month period. The lectures are followed by examinations in December and/or April/May. Thereafter, students pursue their project work and write a dissertation on the project, submitted in August.

Part time students do half of their lecture-based courses and IRR in their first year, and the other half of their courses and IPP in their second year. Three-year students do their project on a part-time basis according to a schedule agreed with their supervisor. Two-year students complete their project on a full-time basis in the Summer after their second-year exams. If you wish to change between the two and three year options, please discuss in good time with your Personal Tutor.

Courses and specialist areas

Specialist area choice options plus the format of courses, and regulations for choosing them.

Course registration

Information on course registration for Taught MSc students.

Course changes

Information on changing your courses.

Changing your MSc degree programme

How to change your MSc programme title to better reflect your course or specialist area choices.

Lecture timetable

Where and when your lectures will be.

Examination timetable

Exam timetable information.

Past exam papers

Links to past exam papers.