Changing your MSc degree programme

How to change your MSc programme title to better reflect your course or specialist area choices.

Course Choices

After making your course choices, you may decide that your chosen courses fit better in a different 'discipline' or 'specialist area', and therefore wish to change your degree programme title to one which better reflects your course choices.  For example, you may be registered on the Artificial Intelligence (MSc) but the majority of your courses are from the Cognitive Science (MSc) discipline.  You would need to request a change to your degree programme to the Cognitice Science degree.

The following page describes the School of Informatics core disciplines: Our Core Disciplines

The sortable course list shows which disciplines each Informatics course comes under; either 'AI', 'CG', 'CS' or 'SE': Sortable Course List

Changing Degree Programme

The procedure to change your degree programme is as follows:

  • Check the conditions of any funding that you may have.  Some funding agencies will not let you change degree programme without their written permission in advance.
  • Check your course choices against the Degree Programme Table (DPT) rules, discussing with your Personal Tutor as appropriate.  If your course choices do not fit within the DPT rules, your Personal Tutor may also need to request a course concession.
  • You need to be sure the degree programme change is right for you; students are usually only allowed to request a change of programme once.
  • Once you have confirmed that you understand the above with your Personal Tutor,  you should write a short statement to support the request, your Personal Tutor will then request approval from the School's Curriculum Approval Officer (SCAO) using this form.
  • If you are a Tier 4 sponsored student, the degree programme change request will also be sent to the College Office Academic Affairs team for overall approval, this is because a degree programme change may affect your visa sponsorship.
  • Once the SCAO (and if appropriate, the College Office) has approved the degree programme change, your Personal Tutor will record the change with the University, copying the ITO in the cc box. You will automatically receive a confirmation email.
  • If (after a few weeks) you find that your programme title has not been updated on MyEd, please contact the ITO.


Any request to change your programme title must be made before the 1st June in the year following your admission (i.e. 1st June 2018 for 2017/18 entry).

Please contact the ITO if anything remains unclear.