Bioinformatics, Systems & Synthetic Biology

Specialist study information for Bioinformatics.

The aim of the bioinformatics and synthetic biology specialist area is to familiarise students with biological data, their storage and analysis, how they integrate at a systems level, how this is studied, modelled and the emerging field of synthetic biology where biological components and systems can be constructed from first principles. In particular, students should understand what information can be extracted from biological data (e.g., information related to phylogenetic trees, biological networks, protein structure and function, developmental processes, genetic correlates of disease, etc.) and what techniques can be used for extracting and modelling such information. Students who complete the course will be prepared for employment in the bioinformatics sector of pharmaceutical and biotech industries or for entry into a PhD programme.

Students registered in this Specialist Area are recommended to select at least fifty credit points from these courses, including both the core courses. Please note courses are subject to availability.


Semester 1 Semester 2
Core Courses

Bioinformatics 1

Bioinformatics 2

Optional Courses

Introductory Applied Machine Learning (20 credits, level 10)

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition (20 credits)

Neural Computation

Performance Modelling

Text Technologies for Data Science (20 credits)

Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning (20 credits)

Reinforcement Learning

Optional External Courses

Information Processing in Biological Cells

Bioinformatics Algorithms

Functional Genomic Technologies

Next Generation Genomics


Bioinformatics students might consider fulfilling the programming requirement (if not exempt) with an external course, Bioinformatics Programming and System Management (20 credits), instead of the Java course, IJP. However, both this course and Bioinformatics Algorithms may be unsuitable for those with previous computer science degrees.


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