Analytical & Scientific Databases

This specialist area brings together topics in modern data management technology, from theory to practice to implementation needed for the applied as well as the research fields.

There are two central academic outcomes to this programme. The first is to bring the students up to speed with the latest technology in Database Science and in the analysis of complex databases, in particular big data. The second aim is to introduce the students to the research active areas in the field within the context of a range of real example programmes.

Students registered in this Specialist Area are recommended to select at least fifty credit points from these courses.  Please note courses are subject to availability.


Semester 1 Semester 2
Core Course

Advanced Databases


Main Optional Courses

Database Systems (20 credits, level 10)

Bioinformatics 1

Distributed Systems

Extreme Computing

Introductory Applied Machine Learning (20 credits)

Advanced Topics in Foundations of Databases (20 credits)

Bioinformatics 2

Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning (20 credits)

Notes on course styles

Unlike most MSc courses, Advanced Topics in Foundations of Databases (ATFD) is a research seminar course, assessed entirely by coursework. This course contains a mix of theory and practice. Extreme Computing is a more practical courses. Database Systems is an undergraduate course, only appropriate for those who haven’t taken a course at a similar level before.

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