Intelligent Robotics

Information on the specialist are of Intelligent Robotics.

This specialist area provides firm grounding in both the conceptual and practical aspects of designing intelligent robotic systems. There are two central academic outcomes to this programme. The first is to bring the students up to speed with the state of the art in robotics, where the term is interpreted broadly to also include related areas such as image and multimedia analysis, computer animation and connections to biology. The second aim is to give students hands on exposure to practical issues that must be considered when dealing with computation in a physically embedded setting. This specialism prepares students for entry into PhD programmes or employment as research workers in higher education, industrial/commercial research laboratories and high-technology companies.

Students registered in this Specialist Area are recommended to select at least fifty credit points from these courses, including the core course. Please note courses are subject to availability.


Semester 1 Semester 2
Core Course

Robotics: Science and Systems (20 credits)


Main Optional Courses

Image and Vision Computing

Introductory Applied Machine Learning (20 credits)

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition (20 credits)

Advanced Vision

Algorithmic Game Theory and its Applications

Computer Animation & Visualisation

Decision Making in Robots and Autonomous Agents

Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning (20 credits)

Reinforcement Learning

Robot Learning and Sensorimotor Control (INFR11186 10 credits)

Machine Learning Practical (20 credits, full year)

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