Neural Computation & Neuroinformatics

Information on the specialist area Neural Computation & Neuroinformatics.

This specialist area prepares students for entry into PhD programmes or for employment as research workers at the intersection of the study of the brain and the study of its computation. It ranges from the study of cellular and subcellular computational processes through behavioural processes, to software methodologies for brain research - the emerging field of Neuroinformatics.

Students registered in this Specialist Area are recommended to select at least fifty credit points from these courses, including the core course. Please note courses are subject to availability.


Semester 1 Semester 2
Core Course

Neural Computation


Main Optional Courses

Bioinformatics 1

Introductory Applied Machine Learning (20 credits)

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition (20 credits)

Robotics: Science and Systems (20 credits)

Bioinformatics 2

Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

Neural Information Processing

Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning (20 credits)

Reinforcement Learning

Machine Learning Practical (20 credits, full year)

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