Advanced Technology for Financial Computing (2020-21 preview)

A preview of a new degree in Financial Computing.

Overview of the degree

Advanced Technology for Financial Computing MSc is a new degree, offered from 2020. It's a 12-month long programme.

This programme is one of a few in the UK to offer an in-depth account of technical challenges associated with the confluence of various information technologies. Such an integrated perspective is scarce in this area, with most existing technology-oriented programmes focusing on the technical side, with little efforts to clarify the management skills required to ensure the effective exploitation of technological solutions in organisations.

The graduates from this MSc will have a strong technology background to keep up with developments in computing technologies, both in research and engineering. Typical areas to pursue a career include Quant Developer, Financial System Architect, Application Engineer, Financial System Consultant, Software Developer, Data-Driven Technology Researcher (in academia or industry), as well as financial system officers of various kinds in banks, insurers, funds, asset management business sectors, government and public sector positions.

Compulsory Courses

The following courses will be compulsory:

  • Data-driven Business and Behaviour Analytics
  • Informatics Research Review
  • Introductory Applied Machine Learning
  • Informatics Project Proposal
  • MSc Dissertation (Informatics)

Optional courses

Electives can be chosen from courses offered by Informatics, Maths and Business School: Introduction to Risk Management in Banks, Credit Risk Management, Digital Business, Text Technologies for Data Science, Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers, Natural Computing, Fundamentals of Optimization, Algorithmic Game Theory and its Applications, Distributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Present and Future, Large Scale Optimization for Data Science.


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