Times and information about our dedicated support base for Informatics students.

Additional Student Support

InfBase is a student helpdesk staffed by Informatics course tutors and graduate students. InfBase staff are selected on the basis of expertise and coverage, offering support and advice on all Informatics taught courses, particularly non-honours courses and the Maths for Informatics courses taught in 1st and 2nd year. InfBase can be used as a place to work together, with other students with support with an InfBase staff member.

Your InfBase tutor is called Dave.

InfBase Opening Times

InfBase is open during the normal semester (Weeks 3-11) and during Revision weeks.

InfBase is closed at the weekend.

Semester 1 - Weeks 3-11 and Monday 7th - Friday 11th December 2015

Day Time Location
Mondays 3-4pm FH-1.B19
Tuesdays 12-1pm FH-1.B10
Wednesdays 12-1pm FH-1.B10
Thursdays 5-6pm FH-1.B19
Fridays 4-5pm FH-1.B19

Semester 2 - Weeks 3-11 and Monday 18th - Friday 22nd April 2016

Day Time Location
Mondays 3-4pm FH-1.B19
Tuesdays 12-1pm FH-1.B19
Wednesdays 12-1pm FH-1.B19
Thursdays 4-5pm FH-1.B19
Fridays 4-5pm FH-1.B19

How Does InfBase Work?

InfBase supports student learning by providing a way of getting answers to questions when you need them. For 1st and 2nd years InfBase will be able to answer most things you throw at it. For later years and the MSc, InfBase will both answer some questions and provide a sounding board to help you refine your questions so you get better and more useful answers from lecturers and tutors.