Peer support for 1st year Informatics students.

Who We Are

“InfPALS means support for students by students.”

As a group of 2nd and 3rd year students we provide weekly sessions for you to participate in. We will guide you through difficulties with course material and help you apply your knowledge in new situations to strengthen your understanding. Together we will ease your transition into your new-found university life!

What We Did


We have worked on activities relating to some of the core concepts of first year computer science, such as finite state automata, resolution, higher order functions and more. Together with the students we have developed techniques to practice these concepts effectively for exams and future years. We have introduced peer learning into the student body as a mean to cope with university-related workload better together!

Be A Student Participant

“It’s about working on topics from INF1 in a practical and interactive way, in small groups.”

- Former InfPALS Participant


Why Participate

Meet with your peers and learn to adapt to university study, together. Enjoy a safe space where you don’t have to be afraid to ask the questions you didn’t want to raise during lectures. Be supported by students from 2nd and 3rd year who have once stood where you are now. Resolve issues with course material by working in a group on activities that will help you find solutions.


When & Where

Each session runs for 1 in the indicated rooms. All rooms are in Appelton Tower (AP) : 11 Crichton St, Edinburgh EH8 9LE, UK


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am       AP 2.01  AP 2.01 
11:10am AP 2.01    AP 2.01     
12:10pm   AP 5.04      
2:10pm   AP 2.01    AP 2.01   


Link to sign up:

If the slots are full, don’t worry! Just ping one of us (contact details below) and we will try and see if we can accomodate you.

Social Media


Check out our Facebook page where we’ll keep you updated on anything that’s going on with InfPALS!

Be A Student Leader

“It was fun and rewarding to work with first years because you could see that you gave something back to the university community.”

- Former InfPALS Leader

Why Lead

Let your creativity roam free while supporting students with their academic struggles as part of a team. Work on your communicational and presentational skills in a hands-on way. Learn how to handle a group of people and lead them towards a common goal. Be eligible to earn one of the prestigious Edinburgh Awards ( And last but not the least, it’s a great addition to your CV!


Sign-Up for leading

Unfortunately, we are currently not looking for new leaders for the academic year of 2018/19. If you would like to express your interest to become a leader next year please don’t hesitate to contact either one of the SSL (see below).

We will put out an official call for applications close to the end of the current academic year. You will find anything relevant on this website!


Contact Us

For any further questions or inquiries please contact one of the InfPALS SSLs listed below:


Likhitha Sai Modalavalasa -

Sebastian Müksch -