Application & Appointment Process

Information on the application and appointment process as well as contract procurement.

Prior to submitting an application for a Teaching Support post please ensure you have read and understood the eligibility requirements detailed below.


Have you bee approched for a role by a course organiser?

If the lecturer has approached you about a vacancy for their course, you MUST still complete application stages 1 & 2, as stipulated above, PRIOR to starting work. This means that you must -

  • Complete the (1) Teaching Support Applicant Information form (CV)
  • Visit the Informatics Teaching office to have your ID verified
  • Obtain and submit a National Insurance Number 
  • Complete the (2) Teaching Support Application for Work form (Duties/Roles desired)


Application Process

You must complete the following two stages when applying for any positions within the School of Informatics.

Application Stage 1

Students are asked to submit a new version of this form annually (for each session) to help us maintain accurate applicant records. If you have not previously done so, please complete the (1) Teaching Support Applicant Information Form in the first instance. This form acts as a Curriculum Vitae (CV)  and provides us with the information we need to generate any future Teaching Support contract, as well as giving the recruiting academic some more detailed information about your skills, experience and work preferences.


Potential Applicants that do not submit their (1) Teaching Support Applicant Information Form will not appear on any lists that lecturers use to interview and select appointees.  If the lecturers cannot see you on the list, they cannot hire you.

You must supply your National Insurance Number on your (1) Teaching Support Applicant Information Form) or provide evidence that you have applied to obtain one.

If you do not have a National Insurance Number, please organise to get one from HMRC - The process to obtain a National Insurance Number can take between 4-6 weeks. Please note, the University of Edinburgh cannot request or obtain this number for you.

As soon as you have completed the (1) Teaching Support Applicant Information Form you MUST bring in your  identification documents to the Teaching Support Administrator in person (Room 6.05, Appleton Tower). Please note that emailed scans will not be accepted.

You MUST bring in the following documents

  • Current and Valid Passport
  • Recently Expired Passport (UK Nationals only)
  • EU National ID Card (EU Nationals only)
  • Visa/Other Supporting Documentation (if you are a non-UK citizen)
  • National Insurace Number appointment letter (required if you have not supplied a National Insurance Number on your Applicant Information Form)

In order to comply with HR and UKVI regulations, you CANNOT start work until your ID has been verified by the Teaching Support Administrator or HR Team.  This is seperate from getting your ID checked for matriculation or getting your ID verified by the Immigration Compliance Team.



DO NOT progress to Application Stage 2 or submit the (2) Teaching Support Application for Work Form until you have had your ID verified and your eligibility to work check conducted. 

If you are already employed by the School of Informatics as a Teaching Support Provider, please first check and update the (1) Teaching Support Applicant Information Form and then complete Form 2.


Application Stage 2

Permissions to obtain prior to work - You must check with your studentship sponsor, grant holder or supervisor to make sure that they are happy for you to undertake this work.

Students on Tier 4 Visas - Tier 4 visas impose strict restrictions on working in the UK. If you hold a Tier 4 visa, you must adhere to these restrictions. Your entry clearance vignette (visa sticker in your passport) or your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) will tell you if you are allowed to work. For more information on the restrictions when working at the University of Edinburgh, please visit our Working in the UK during studies web page.

Only once you have submitted your (1) Teaching Support Applicant Information form AND have had your ID verified should you view the Live Theon Vacancies and fill out the  (2) Teaching Support Application for Work Form; highlighting the specific positions you would like to be considered for.

Once you have submitted your (2) Teaching Support Application for Work Form, it is sensible to contact the lecturer directly to discuss the post and the contribution you can make as a Teaching Support Provider.


Appointment Process

The Course lecturers are responsible for the appointment of applicants to roles, however these will not appear on your timesheets until Teaching Support Admin have been notified.  Once lecturers have made these decisions, they notify the Informatics Student Services Team who record the appointment on the system.  You will receive confirmation of your appointments automatically via email, including details of the hours associated with the particular post. Should you be appointed to more than one role, you will receive an automated email for each post.  If you have not heard whether you have been successful in a particular role, please contact Informatics Student Services in the first instance via email -




The Teaching Support Administrator can only request a Guaranteed Hours Teaching Support contract once you have had your ID verified, been appointed to a role, and have provided your National Insurance Number. In some cases your National Insurance Application number may be used, but this is rare. 

CONTRACT COLLECTION - The procurement of a guaranteed hours contract goes through two HR processes, which may take some time. You may come and collect your contract from Appleton Tower, Level 6, Room 6.01, once you have been notified by the Teaching Support Administrator that is ready for collection. You usually have 14 days to collect, sign and return your contract from the date of your contract notification email, however any delay might risk being included in the current Payroll run.

PLEASE NOTE - Failure to sign and return the relevant contract paperwork, within the requested time period, will result in your contract being invalid and you will be unable to be paid for any work. This may lead to your employment being ended.

STUDENTS ALREADY UNDER CONTRACT - If you already have a guaranteed hours contract and you wish to apply for vacancies, please advise the Teaching Support Administrator of your current contract end date via You will still need to submit both the (1) Teaching Support Applicant Information and (2) Teaching Support Application for Work Forms.


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