Information for Staff

Information for staff on the teaching support process including bidding for teaching support resource and the application and appointment process.

Teaching support bid process

As staff are confirmed in teaching positions for the future session, they will receive an automated message asking them to complete a teaching support bid before mid July.  These forms aim to capture all of the teaching resource that is required for a particular course e.g. tutor, demonstrator, TA and marking [coursework and exam].  Staff members are asked to submit a form for each type of resource that is required.  The submission of these forms helps the School to prepare for the annual Teaching Support request and negotiation process which ultimately allows us to manage a fixed teaching support budget.  Staff should read the Teaching Support Staff Policy:

which details the various teaching support roles available and the standard tariff, where this exists, for a particular role.

Director of Teaching and Informatics Student Services will decide which bids are approved as submitted and/or negotiate with staff where necessary. 

Once bids have been approved for advert, teaching staff will be asked to do a check of the advert prior to advertisement to students.  After staff have confirmed the number of hours,  job description etc are correct the advert will go live.

ISS will advertise vacancies to taught students [honours and masters] and all research students.

Application and appointment process


Following advertisement of vacancies to students, ISS staff will log applications for posts in Theon. 

The names of applicants will populate the Course Applicant Summary Theon portal report.  Staff should check this report regularly for applications as staff will not be alerted when each individual application is logged.  Should staff require additional information on an applicant, they should contact the Teaching Support Administrator via email , who will be able to provide the submitted applicant information form.  Staff are encouraged to meet with applicants to evaluate suitability, should this be deemed necessary.

Staff should note the following when considering applications:

  • The University has deemed teaching support roles as designated student employment opportunities.  This means that wherever possible we should be appointing fully matriculated students to roles, over any applicants who are not students. 
  • There are restrictions on the employment of taught students (details are available in the School's Employment of Taught Student Policy).
  • There are certain checks that must be carried out to ensure that applicants have a right to work in the United Kingdom (UK). These checks must be carried out for ALL staff, regardless of their nationality PRIOR to work commencing by the Teaching Support Administrator.  Failure to comply with these strict UKVI regulations will result in the University being liable for a hefty civil penalty as well as risking the University' sponsorship of overseas students (details are available in the FAQs on Employing Students Policy and Human Resources web page).
  • There are restrictions regarding the number of hours a student on a T4 visa can undertake during term time (usually stated on the student's visa), which staff should be mindful of when considering appointments.


Staff should email once they have made decisions on appointments so that these can be appropriately added, tracked and checked on the system.  It is important that staff advise of appointments as soon as known as applicants CANNOT START WORK until they have satisfied the Eligibility to Work check and presented the relevant papaerwork and ID to the Teaching Support Administrator for verification. Staff are encouraged not to delay this process as this may effect the applicant's start date.

Once Staff have advised Teaching Support of their decisions/appointments, and received an email acknowledging receipt from Teaching Support, they are free to confirm the appointment with the student. Please note that confirmation of appoinments are automatically sent to appointees once the allocation has been added to the system.

Please DO NOT appoint a student to a post/vacancy without checking with Teaching Support that the applicant is eligible to work in the first instance.


Post Appointment

Working Over Allocated Hours

If the Teching Support worker's  allocated hours reach the agreed limit for the position, but there is still work remaining, they must be raise this with the course lecturer who has a duty to report it to the Teaching Support Administrator. The worker MUST NOT carry out any further work until permission to do so has been received from Teaching Support Admin. If necessary, the Teaching Support Administrator will escalate to the Director of Teaching to decide the course of action. In addition, the Teaching Support Administrator will monitor the total number of hours claimed by Teaching Support staff and will alert lecturers if there is advance warning of agreed limits being exceeded.

Sickness Absence

If the Teaching Support worker is  unable to fulfil their teaching support commitments due to sickness, they must contact the Course Lecturer and Teaching Support Administrator via email  - absences must be reported as soon as possible.  The notification email should indicate what course duties they are unable to complete and whether they will rearrange the activities or cover if necessary.  The Teaching Support Administrator and Course Lecturer will make arrangements for cover should this be required.  Once absence has been reported, Student Services staff will confirm any sick pay entitlement.