Teaching Support Guidance

Policies, Support & Feedback


Sickness Absence

If you are unable to fulfil your teaching support commitments due to sickness, absences must be reported as soon as possible. Please email the Informatics Teaching Organisation [ito@inf.ed.ac.uk] and the relevant lecturer, your email should indicate what course duties you are unable to complete and whether you will rearrange the activities or if cover is necessary.  The ITO and lecturer will make arrangements for cover if this is required.  Once absence has been reported, Student Services staff will confirm any sick pay entitlement.

Giving us your Feedback

We are always keen to improve the student experience, and this includes your experiences as members of Teaching Support staff.  We have therefore set up a Teaching Support Staff Forum, which will meet once each semester.  This will provide an opportunity for you to give us your feedback on any issue relating to Teaching Support.  The Forum will include our Student Support Coordinator, Director of Teaching, a member of Informatics Student Services and a number of teaching support staff representatives.

The next Teaching Support Staff Forum will take place during Semester 1 in academic year 15/16.  Further details to follow.

Your Teaching Support Representatives are:


If you are interested in becoming a Teaching Support Staff representative, please email ito@inf.ed.ac.uk