The latest IPAB events.

Unless otherwise stated IPAB seminars/workshops occur at 12:45pm on a term-time Thursday, in the Informatics Forum, room G.03 

Workshops are informal talks by IPAB staff and students.

Seminars usually feature external speakers. For related enquiries, please contact the level 1 admin team.

Contact the level 1 admin team


The Reinforcement Learning reading group meets regularly to discuss recent papers in the field. For updates, see mailing list and calendar.

Upcoming IPAB events

Date Event Speaker
Thursday 3rd October Seminar  Esra Erdem (Subanci University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences)
Thursday 10th October Workshop Hakan Bilen
Thursday 17th October Workshop Wouter Wolfslag, Carlo Tiseo
Thursday 24th October  Workshop Vladimir Ivan, Guiyang Xin
Thursday 31st October Workshop Robert Fisher 
Thursday 7th November Workshop Simon Smith, Quentin Rouxel 
Thursday 14th November Workshop Hanz Cuevas Velasquez, Lucas Deecke, Henrique Ferrolho
Thursday 21st November Workshop Carl Allen, Martin Asenov, Ivana Balazevic
Thursday 28th November Workshop Konda Reddy Mopuri, Roman Goulard
Thursday 5th December  Workshop Todor Davchev, Daniel Gordon, Yordan Hsristov
Thursday 19th December Workshop Timothy Hospedales 
Thursday 23rd January Workshop Levi Fussel, Jack Geary, Evripidis Gkanias 
Thursday 30th January Workshop Mohsen Kadem 
Thursday 6th Febuary Workshop Michael Burke, Robin Trute 
Thursday 13th Febuary Workshop Jiacheng Gu, Julian Habekost, Wenbin Hu
Thursday 20th Febuary Workshop Barbara Webb 
Thursday 27th Febuary Workshop Songyan Xin, Radim Tylecek
Thursday 5th March Workshop Boyan Gao, Alexandros Keros, Taha Kocyigit
Thursday 12th March Workshop Taku Komura 
Thursday 19th March  Workshop Kunkun Pang, Wolfgang Merkt 
Thursday 26th March Workshop Marija Jegorova, Floyd Chitalu, Tatiana Lopez Guevara
Thursday 2nd April Workshop Alex Li
Thursday 16th April Workshop Weihong Li, Octave Mariotti, Keyhan Kouhkiloui
Thursday 23rd April Workshop Michael Mistry 
Thursday 30th April Workshop Chenyang Zhao, Henry Gouk
Thursdy 7th May Workshop Christopher Mower, John Pisokas, Joao Pousa de Moura
Thursday 14th May Workshop Subramanian Ramamoorthy
Thursday 21st May Workshop Can Pu, Christian Rauch, Theodoros Stouraitis 
Thursday 28th May Workshop Laura Sevilla - Lara
Thursday 4th June Workshop Nanbo Li, Ian Mason, Kuba Sanak
Thursday 11th June Workshop Kartic Subr
Thursday 18th June Workshop David Sinclair, Joshua Smith, Sebastian Starke
Thursday 25th June Workshop Steve Tonneau
Thursday 2nd July Workshop Jiayi Wang, Chuanyu Yang, He Zhang
Thursday 9th July  Workshop Sethu Vijayakumar 
Thursday 16th July  Workshop Balint Thamo, Xuetiung Zhang, Le Zhu


Past Events

This is a list of past events at IPAB.