Members of IPAB.


Barbara Webb
Barbara Webb Perceptual systems for the control of behaviour, robot models of animals, simulation of neural circuits


Academic Staff

Hakan Bilen
Hakan Bilen Computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, weakly supervised learning, multiple task learning, object recognition, action classification  
Vittorio Ferrari photo
Vittorio Ferrari Computer vision: weakly supervised learning of visual models, object class detection, learning from video, contextual scene understanding
Bob Fisher photo
Bob Fisher Model-based vision, 3D/range data interpretation and applications, video sequence analysis
Michael Herrmann photo
Michael Herrmann Neurorobotics, self-organisation of behaviour, prosthetic control, computational neuroscience, neuroinformatics
Hospedales photo
Timothy Hospedales Computer vision. Deep learning. Lifelong machine learning. Transfer and multi-task learning. Learning to Learn. Domain adaptation. Language and vision. Reinforcement Learning for control. Active Learning. Weakly supervised learning
Mohsen Khadem

Medical Robotics, Image-guided Surgery, Continuum Robots, Dynamic Modeling and Simulation, Applications of Control Theory in Robotics

Taku photo
Taku Komura Computer graphics, robotics and biomechanics: human motion analysis and synthesis, physically-based animation and real-time computer graphics


Zhibin (Alex) Li

Control of complex behaviors for robots, eg humanoids, to achieve human-comparable ability to move and manipulate through control theories, optimization and machine learning.

Mistry photo
Michael Mistry
Dexterous motion, dynamics modelling, and control of physical interaction, for humans and robotic systems.
Ramamoorthy photo
Subramanian Ramamoorthy Autonomous robotics, Robot learning, Safe and explainable Artificial Intelligence
Laura Sevilla-Lara
Laura Sevilla-Lara

Computer Vision, Motion Estimation, Temporal Modeling, Object Segmentation, Object Tracking, Deep Learning, Unsupervised Learning

Kartic Subr
Kartic Subr Graphics, Stochastic sampling, signal processing and image manipulation
Steve Tonneau

Humanoid/legged robotics; computer graphics; Motion planning; Optimal control

Sethu photo
Sethu Vijayakumar Statistical Machine Learning for Robotics; Planning, Optimisation and Adaptive Control for Anthropomorphic (Humanoid) Platforms; Computational Motor Control; Rehabilitation Robotics


Associate Academic Staff

Stefano V. Albrecht Robust sequential decision making by autonomous agents in complex dynamic environments
Tim Colles Mobile robot programming languages
Austin Tate Planning and activity management, Human-robot collaboration, Emergency response, search and rescue
Chris Williams Machine learning and computer vision
David Willshaw Construction of networks of neurons and the computations performed by them


Research Staff

Henry Gouk

Optimisation and machine learning, robust deep learning, interpretable representation learning, computer vision

Roman Goulard  
Vladimir Ivan Motion planning, optimisation and machine learning
Hsiu-Chin Lin  
Wolfgang Merkt

Optimization, whole-body motion planning, control, collision avoidance, shared autonomy

Quentin Rouxel

Humanoid robot teleoperation, control and locomotion. Optimization and machine learning
Simon Smith Explainable artificial intelligence, model learning, intrinsic motivation, reinforcement learning, information theory and complex systems
Chie Takahashi  
Radim Tylecek

3D computer vision, reconstruction and registration

Wouter Wolfslag  
Guiyang Xin Dynamics modeling and optimization-based control for legged robotics
Yiming Yang Meta-learning. Trustworthy Deep Learning
Yongxin Yang  


PhD Research Students

Carl Allen  
Pavlos Andreadis Coarse Preferences: Representation, Elicitation, and Decision Making
Martin Asenov Active sensing of spatiotemporal phenomena with a drone
Ivana Balazevic Representation learning, relational learning for knowledge graphs, multi-task learning
Holger Caesar Semantic segmentation, weakly-supervised learning of stuff classes
Oguzhan Cebe Optimal planning and control for legged robots
Iordanis Chatzinikolaidis Optimisation, planning and control for legged robots
Floyd Chitalu Realtime elastic deformation models and interaction using performance adaptivity
Hanz Cuevas Velasquez 3D recognition and modeling, statistical machine learning and deep learning
Todor Davchev  
Lucas Deecke Deep Learning, Computer Vision

Henrique Ferrolho

Robust end-pose planning on uneven and inclined surfaces

Boyan Gao  
James Garforth Bio-inspired vision and navigation
Jack Geary Autonomous Vehicular Control
Daniel Gordon Optimisation-based design and control of exoskeletons
Graham Henderson Gait analysis, Exoskeleton control paradigms
Paul Henderson Holistic scene understanding
Yordan Hristov Using Embodied Interaction to Facilitate Symbol Grounding
Calum Imrie Artificial Confidence in Robotics, Reaction-Diffusion in Swarms
Marija Jegorova

Multi-task and multi-domain learning, deep reinforcement learning

Alexandros Keros Topological data analysis and analysis  of stochastic processes
Keyhan Kouhkiloui Babarahmati Dual-Arm Robot Control for Human-Robot Cooperative Manipulation
Nanbo Li 3D-vision based scene understanding and spatial relationship learning for robot manipulation of overlapping objects
Peichao Li  
Jane Loveless Mechanics and control of larval locomotion

Tatiana Lopez Guevara

Manipulation of Fluids, intuitive physics models
Geng Lyu Light field display, virtual reality 
Ian Mason Machine Learning for Character Animation
Emmanuel Mbabazi  
Wolfgang Merkt Optimal replanning, humanoid motion planning and control, shared autonomy
Simona Nobili Long-term mapping, Humanoid footstep planning
Kunkun Pang Active Learning. Learning to learn. Deep Reinforcement Learning
Dimitrios Papadopoulos Learning visual models from eye-tracks
Svetlin Penkov Model learning for interactions in a dynamic movements
John Pisokas Bio-robotics, computational neuroscience, and modelling the insect brain
Joao Pousa de Moura  
Can Pu SLAM, Data Fusion from Multiple Sensors
Febrian Rachmadi White matter hyperintensities segmentation in brain’s MR image
Christian Rauch Articulated Robotic Tracking for Manipulation
Kuba Sanak  
Raluca Scona Robust Visual SLAM Applied to Robotics
Joshua Smith  
Sebastian Starke Deep learning and evolutionary optimisation for character animation
Jiayi Wang Quadruped Locomotion
Tianqi Wei Theoretical neuroscience and its application in robot learning; soft robots
Chuanyu Yang Deep reinforcement learning, bipedal balancing and walking of humanoid robot.
He Zhang Character Animation and Deep Learning 
Xueting Zhang  
Chenyang Zhao

Multi-task, transfer learning. Lifelong learning for robot control with reinforcement learning.


Administrative Staff

Ruta Bader Portfolio Manager
Nina Abbott-Barish Finance Administrator
Jodie Cameron Support Office Secretary
Stephanie Smith Support Office Secretary


Business Development

Cristian Novotny Business Development Executive         


Technical Support

Dave Hamilton Superintendent
Garry Ellard Electronic Technician
Douglas Howie Technician
Gilbert Inkster Electronic Technician
Tom Whigham Technician



Anthony Ashbrook 3D vision, statistical modelling of visual data, dynamic models
Richard Baldock  
Joanna Bryson Agent architectures and action selection for real and virtual robots
John Hallam Biorobotics, especially sensory biorobotic systems; user modelling in computer games;  computational neuroscience and machine learning
Margarita Chli

Computer Vision for Robotics

Alex Lascarides