A list of people from the Quantum Informatics research group.

Staff members

Staff Interests
Prof Elham Kashefi Models of quantum computing and their structural relations; exploring new applications, algorithms and cryptographic protocols for quantum information processing device; verification of quantum technology.
Dr Myrto Arapinis Verification of cryptographic protocols, verification of security properties, detection of attacks, formal models, and protocol composition.
Dr Chris Heunen Semantics of quantum theory and programming languages, category theory, quantum logic, functional analysis.
Dr Petros Wallden Quantum cryptography, quantum computation and quantum information theory.
Dr Tom Douce

Continuous variables quantum Information and quantum simulation.

Associate members

Staff Interests
Dr Damian Markham Quantum computation and information, quantum network protocols, entanglement, foundations of quantum information.

PhD students

Student Supervisors
Alexandru Gheorghiu Kashefi, Wallden, Arapinis
Martti Karvonen Heunen
Daniel Mills Kashefi
Alexandru Cojocaru Kashefi
Nikolaos Lamprou Arapinis
Pau Enrique Moliner Heunen
Brian Coyle Kashefi
Ellen Derbyshire Kashefi, Wallden
Pablo Andres Martinez Heunen