Welcome to year 2

Year 2 welcome timetable.

The 'Introduction to Informatics 2' Welcome session will take place at the start of the first lecture for the compulsory course 'Informatics 2A - Processing Formal and Natural Languages' (INF2A) on Monday 18th September 2017 (Week 1).

The talk will last about 20 minutes, immediately after which the INF2A lecture will begin.

Welcome pack

Personal Tutor meeting, confirming attendance and making course choices

During Welcome Week (Monday 11th - Friday 15th September) or in Week 1 (Monday 18th - Friday 22nd September) you should arrange a one-to-one meeting with your Personal Tutor.  Information on how to prepare for your one-to-one meeting and how to contact your Personal Tutor is included in the School's Personal Tutoring statement.

At the meeting, your Personal Tutor will confirm your attendance and discuss your course choices.  Please note: You will not be fully matriculated as a student until you have confirmed your attendance.  You must have arrived and had your attendance confirmed before 17.00 on Friday 29th September 2017.  After this date you will be referred to the College Office and you may not be permitted to commence your studies.

University matriculation information


Year 2 welcome events

Friday 15th September 2017

Time Venue Event




Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 5

Meet the Informatics Director of Teaching

A question and answer session with Stuart Anderson, Director of Teaching, open to all taught students within the School - your chance to ask any questions about your Informatics studies and facilities.

Monday 18th September 2017

Time Venue Event




David Hume Tower

Lecture Theatre C

Welcome to Informatics 2

An introduction to year 2 from Rik Sarkar, Year 2 Organiser (Slides)

- followed by INF2A lecture.