The Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) is an opportunity for student reps to raise issues on behalf of their year with staff.

There is one meeting per annum for each undergraduate year apart from years 4 and 5 which have been combined into one meeting.

Contact your student rep if you would like to get something onto the agenda for your years meeting.

Previous minutes

Year 1

SSLC Agenda UG1 2015 (246.17 KB PDF)
SSLC Minutes UG1 2015 (217.93 KB PDF)

Year 2

SSLC Agenda UG2 2015 (42.37 KB PDF)

Year 3

SSLC Agenda Mar 2015 (78.28 KB PDF)
SLLC Minutes March 2015 (211.77 KB PDF)

Year 4/ 5

SSLC Agenda ug4-5 2015 (7.27 KB PDF)

Taught MSc

SSLC Agenda Msc 2015 (41.11 KB PDF)
SSLC Minutes MSc 2015 (92.77 KB PDF)