Kobby K A Nuamah

"I get to share ideas with and learn from some of the best in the world."

PhD student Kobby K A Nuamah
PhD student Kobby K A Nuamah

My PhD is about using richer forms of inference for query answering with data from knowledge bases on the web. Most systems do very limited inference to find answers which are not stored in the knowledge base. The aim is to develop a framework which could support users of semantic web data (linked data) and other structured/semi-structures web data resources, to find answers to queries. 

My BSc was from the University of Ghana, then I did a Masters degree at Chongqing University, China. I worked with semantic web resources during my Masters, with particular interest in question answering. My PhD supervisor also shares a similar interest.



Mostly I joined CISA because I was impressed with the quality of the academic staff and the kinds of things they work on. My supervisor's enthusiasm for his research during our initial interactions also convinced me that CISA would be a good fit. The School of Informatics is one of the best in the UK and the world, so that also influenced my decision. I get to share ideas with and learn from some of the best in the world. 


Any advice for other PhD applicants?

A PhD is a good opportunity to learn something new and interesting, to interact with some of the smartest people in the world, and research an idea you are passionate about.

The computer science, mathematics and statistics from the BSc, and software engineering from the Masters, have all been useful. Past work experience in software engineering also helped, but I think that my willingness to explore new ideas is the most important factor.

I love working hands-on on developing software, but I have also developed a good interest in doing research since starting my PhD. 



Kobby’s PhD is funded by CISA and a Mary & Armeane Choksi Scholarship from the University of Edinburgh


“I get to share ideas with and learn from some of the best in the world.”

Kobby K A NuamahCISA PhD Student