Industrial PhD in Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust

The Industrial Academic Doctoral Training Centre in Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust (DTC-CSPT) at The University of Edinburgh aims to develop cohorts of multidisciplinary future security leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs with a broad understanding of cyber security, privacy and trust and a strong appreciation of the interplay between technical, business, legal and social aspects. The overall goal of the programme is to provide both commercial and academic experience of innovation, design, analysis and engirneering of IT systems and services that are both resilient to attacks and in harmony with their social context.

Research themes within the scope of the DTC include (but are not limited to):

Artificial intelligence and security; Blockchain and distributed ledger; Cryptography; Fintech security; Hardware and systems security; Internet of Things security; Usable security and privacy; Legal and social aspects; Privacy Enhancing Technologies; Quantum security; Risk and threat modelling; Verification, trust and systems modelling.

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General information about the DTC.

The DTC-CSPT welcomes support from both industry partners and government, public and third sector organisations

There are no projects currently available for new students.  We are exploring sponsorship opportunities with a range of organisations.

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Information for prospective students.


Current industry sponsors and supporters of the DTC-CSPT