About the PhD Programme

The PhD programme in Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust aims to develop future security research leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs with a broad understanding of cyber security, privacy and trust and an appreciation of the interplay between technical, business, legal and social aspects.

The Programme

The PhD in Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust is hosted by the School of Informatics (largest informatics school in Europe) and  is hosted by the Security, Privacy and Trust research group within the School of Informatics.

Programme general information

  • The PhD programme is normally 3 years, but may have periods of industrial placement which pause or extend study.
  • For industry supported PhDs, the PhD topic is co-created between the sponsoring company and academic supervisor(s)
  • A partner company may be involved in the student selection as well as project specification
  • There are match funding opportunities for partner companies to reduce PhD studentship cost

Themes for PhD projects

Topics can be any related project under the following general themes within our current research portfolio:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Security
  • Data Science and Security
  • Cryptography and Distributed Ledger (Blockchain and Crypto)
  • Secure Future Networks
  • Hardware and Systems Security
  • Privacy and Security for Devices and IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Protocol and Program Verification
  • Quantum Cyber Security
  • Quantum Computing and Applications
  • Socio-technical
  • Human Factors
  • Law and FinTech Risk

A Rich Ongoing Connection to Industries

Sponsored PhD students can work closely with a industry supervisor as well as an academic supervision team.  Sponsored students often will undertake an industrial placement period with the industry partner as part of an overal training plan including other business and entrepreneurship training opportunities.

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Programme Director
Prof. David Aspinall
Industrial Relations Manager

Craig Skeldon

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